How PlushCare Works
You call or video chat with a doctor trained at one of the top 25 medical institutions in the world. He or she will diagnose you or your child’s health issue. Custom care right from your home!
Your PlushCare doctor will then provide recommended treatments based on your symptoms. See our list of common conditions that we treat. More questions? Visit our FAQ.
If appropriate, the doctor can write a prescription and have it sent immediately to the pharmacy of your choice. No more trips to the doctor when you aren’t feeling well.
Give Back
We give a care! Every time you use PlushCare, we will help a California child get a vaccination, check-up, or other service they need so they can be healthy and successful. Care for care.
What We Treat
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Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are not satisfied, your urgent care visit is on us, no questions.
Meet Our Physicians
Dr. Brincherhoff
Dr Beau Brincherhoff
Board Certified & Stanford Trained MD
Dr. Beau is a native Californian, originally from the Los Angeles area. He attended the University of
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Dr. McNelis
Dr Amy McNelis
Board Certified & UCSF Trained MD
Dr. Amy McNelis is a board-certified pediatrician with over fifteen years of experience in caring for children.
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Dr. Marks
Dr Allan Marks
Board Certified & Stanford Trained MD
Dr. Allan Marks is a Pediatrician with over 20 years experience in private practice. He enjoys working with children
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Dr. Shikary
Dr Maria Shikary
Board Certified & UCSF Trained MD
Dr. Shikary is a native of Ohio. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2010 and completed
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Dr. Miller
Dr Deborah Miller
Board Certified & UCSF Trained MD
Deborah Miller attended medical school at the University of Leicester School of Medicine in the UK, followed by Pediatrics
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Dr. Muse
Dr Jessica Muse
Board Certified & UCSF Trained MD
Jessica attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, majoring in Human Biology. Completed medical school
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Dr. Wantuck
Dr James Wantuck
Board Certified & Stanford Trained MD
James Wantuck was born and grew up in Rochester, NY. He received his BS in neuroscience and chemistry from the
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Dr. Anegawa
Dr Linda Anegawa
Board Certified & Stanford Trained MD
Dr. Linda Anegawa is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Stanford University’s Internal Medicine Residency program with over 12 years
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What Our Customers Think
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I signed up for PlushCare because getting into my regular doctor's office can take up to a week. The ability to use this service instead of waiting to get into the regular doctors office is amazing. It is allergy season and I am very prone to sinus infections. When I get them, it takes me out. The pain and pressure in my sinuses is awful. I recommend PlushCare to everyone to use. I have had great experience with their service and will continue to use them moving forward!! The doctors take their time to listen without rushing you. I am so happy to know I have PlushCare as a option for all my medical needs!!!
Jahan J
San Jose, CA
Many working professionals such as myself have little time to go to a doctors appointment. PlushCare is efficient, caring and I can consult a top-notch doctor at a time that works for me without the need to wait. You can't ask for anything more - highly recommend this to everyone!
Chris W
Los Angeles, CA
Fantastic doctors that really care about their patients! It has been an incredibly convenient resource for anything health care related!
Sara V
San Francisco, CA
Instead of taking off work, packing up the kids, heading down to the doctor's office, and waiting around for an hour, I just made a simple phone call and talked to a wonderful pediatrician. Such a great experience and I've already told all my friends!
Julie F
Marin, CA
Care for Care Logo
Graphic explaining Care for Care and how it benefits the children in California.
Every time you use PlushCare we help a California child in need. PlushCare has partnered with the California School-Based Health Alliance to help children. We are working to reduce health-based issues such as absenteeism, dropouts, and poor academic achievement. The School-Based Health Alliance in conjunction with PlushCare helps kids stay in school and stay focused.
Our Pharmacy Partners
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