Allergy Testing with PlushCare FAQ

Respiratory Allergy Testing Questions

Who is a good candidate for allergy testing?
Anyone who experiences respiratory issues should be tested for allergies. (Note that testing does not include food allergies.) Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Now it is simple to get both tested & treated for allergies with PlushCare. Skip the wait for an allergist and get tested today at a lab near you and have results & treatment within 1 week.

What samples are needed for allergy testing?
Blood samples are taken at a nearby lab for the testing.

Can I get tested for food allergies?
No, at this time, PlushCare is not offering food allergy testing. Typically this testing is more rigorous and requires visiting a specialist in-person consistently for testing and treatment.

How long do I have to wait before I can see my results?
It should take 3-5 days to get your results back to you. If it’s past 5 days, email us at [email protected] and a PlushCare Care Coordinator will contact Quest directly to get the results faxed to us so we can book your follow-up appointment.

Where do I have to go to submit my blood sample?
You need to go to a Quest Diagnostics. In the registration process, you can find and select a lab nearby your location. Visit for more information about Quest.

Do I need to fast before submitting my blood sample?
No, you do NOT need to fast. Unlike other types of testing, allergy testing does not require fasting. While some people (even some doctors and lab technicians) still think you need to fast for tests, the truth is that you don't. It turns out several recent clinical studies have shown that fasting does not affect your results.

Who is PlushCare?
PlushCare offers telemedicine services and lab testing for over 80,000 patients across the U.S. Visit to see a doctor using your smartphone, or order a lab test. You can download the PlushCare app on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store to access a doctor wherever you are.

How do I get my lab slip?
After you order a test, PlushCare will email you your lab order requisition form. Please print this form and bring it to a Quest Diagnostics lab of your choice along with your photo ID & insurance card (if you're using insurance).

Will my insurance cover the cost of my test?
PlushCare will ask you a series of questions in order to decide whether the tests are right for you, qualifying them as preventative care, and increasing the likelihood the tests will be covered by your insurance plan.

Note: UnitedHealthcare and Kaiser do NOT currently cover Allergy Testing through PlushCare.

You may choose to pay with your insurance or through PlushCare's client-billed option. However, to guarantee that you are not charged in excess by your provider, either contact your plan about your Allergy Testing copay, or choose PlushCare's cash option for a flat $199 fee including the follow-up doctor's visit.

Can I make an appointment for my testing, or should I just walk into the lab?
You can choose either! Quest Diagnostics labs take walk-ins during their business hours. Alternatively, you can book an appointment here:

How can I send my results to my primary care doctor?
You can either download a PDF of the results to bring to your PCP, or call a Care Coordinator at PlushCare who will happily send the result along after your approval in writing. Email the inquiry to [email protected].

How often should someone get allergy testing?
The frequency of testing is up to you, and dependent on symptoms. Two years between allergy tests is reasonable with retesting for symptomatic or therapeutic reasons.

How do I reset my password?
Visit to reset your password electronically.

How do I know my allergies aren't just a cold?
PlushCare also provides same-day telehealth appointments where you can have a video consult or phone call with a doctor. Go to to book an appointment with a top doctor if you think you may be experiencing cold symptoms.

Where do I learn more about allergy testing?
To learn more about allergy testing, click here.