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Can You Buy Medications Online?

Can You Buy Medications Online?

If you find yourself under the weather, getting the medication you need can be a slow, frustrating process. Oftentimes, you'll have to wait for an available appointment, travel to a doctor’s office and then wait for a prescription to finally get some relief.

Thankfully, PlushCare is here to help. With a team of experienced physicians, PlushCare allows you to schedule an online appointment with a doctor at your convenience. Our doctors have an average of 15 years of experience in the medical field and are able to write prescriptions that can be delivered to you or your local pharmacy. If you are in need of medication to feel better, PlushCare can help. Read on to learn how.

How Can You Buy Medications Online?

With PlushCare, getting the medication you need is convenient, safe and confidential. PlushCare is an online medical platform that allows you to schedule an appointment and speak with a doctor without ever leaving your home. Our doctors can prescribe any medications that are not classified as controlled substances. Some common conditions that PlushCare doctors treat are:

To buy medication online, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor to discuss your options.


Does PlushCare Refill Medications?

PlushCare can prescribe and refill medications online. The most common medications that we prescribe and refill are for:

What if I Need a Lab Test?

If you need a lab test to confirm a diagnosis, you can order one through PlushCare as well. We offer lab testing for a variety of issues, from urinary tract infections to STDs. Ordering a lab test is convenient with our online order form. All you have to do is take the form to your local testing center (no appointment necessary) and you will have your results within 3-5 business days.

If your condition requires a prescription, your PlushCare doctor can have your medication sent to you or your local pharmacy.

What Medication Can’t PlushCare Prescribe?

PlushCare can prescribe most major medications. However, our doctors cannot prescribe medications listed as controlled substances, such as medical marijuana or any narcotic drugs.

Buy Medications Online

In the wide world of online medicine, many sites claim to allow you to buy medicine online. To avoid scams and get the treatment you need, make sure you choose a platform that connects you with experienced healthcare professionals. PlushCare streamlines the process of speaking with a doctor and receiving your medication.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our doctors to discuss your options. PlushCare accepts most major insurance policies and can help you get access to the medication you need without ever leaving your home.

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