1 in 2 children don't receive ongoing care through a child health professional

Every time you book an appointment with PlushCare, we provide a child in need with access to a health service, be it a vaccine or checkup. It's called #gethealthgivehealth, and it's possible through a partnership with the CA School-Based Health Alliance.

Take the PlushCare pledge and help children in need gain access to health services.

Get Health. Give Health.

PlushCare has partnered with the California School-Based Health Alliance to help children in need gain access to healthcare. Together, we're working to reduce health-based issues such as absenteeism, dropouts, and poor academic achievement. The School-Based Health Alliance in conjunction with PlushCare helps kids stay in school and stay focused.

Did You Know?

What's the CA School-Based Health Alliance?

A statewide nonprofit organization helping to put more health services in schools, the CA School-Based Health Alliance:

Meet Some of Our Giving Partners

We rely on our giving partners to help fulfill the #GetHealthGiveHealth promise and further our mission of proving affordable and accessible healthcare to every American.