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Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinics of Homewood

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In Homewood there are 0 Urgent Care Centers/Walk-in Clinics and If you don't mind traveling a bit farther, there are 20 Urgent Care Clinics in a surrounding 20 mile area. They are located in the following neighboring cities: Chicago Heights, and Harvey. If you're looking for more information concerning urgent cares, please read our Urgent Care FAQs or simply interested in building your medical knowledge browse our PlushCare Blog, writen by our doctors and healthcare professionals.

Homewood Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinics

Homewood is an averagely populated city with a population of about 20,000 people. In the town, there are no Urgent Care Centers/Walk-In clinics. Then again, in the 20-mile radius surrounding the city, there are about 20 different Urgent Care Centers within the neighboring towns of Chicago Heights and Harvey. Most of the Urgent Care Clinics close to Homewood are located in Orland. Physician Immediate Care centers are among the most famous centers to visit when you are in Homewood. Physician Immediate Care – Frankfort situated on 21035 South of La Grange Road, Frankfort and Physician Immediate Care located on 4800 West 129th Street, Alsip are the most frequented centers. Advocate Medical Group Immediate Care located on 4001 Vollmer Road, Olympia Fields is similarly an essential center for its shorter waiting time for treatment. Now, though Homewood has no Urgent Care Center within it, the city has an adequate number of health facilities in its surrounding that can cater to its residents’ needs. To know more about Urgent Care centers feel free to check through the Urgent care FAQ page or read more about Urgent Care Centers in a city near you from our PlushCare blog.

Homewood's Nearby Cities
Cities within 20 mile radius, distances shown in miles and number of urgent cares (ucs)