Our Mission
Simply put, our mission is to challenge the status quo by providing every American convenient and affordable access to the best trained doctors in the country.
To accomplish this, we've set out on a mission to unite the brightest and most caring physicians with patients eager to receive the affordable and convenient care we provide. To date, we've recruited top-trained physicians and attracted tens of thousands of patients eager to join us and change the way healthcare is delivered.

In order to ensure we truly did provide care to everyone, we partnered with the California School-Based Health Alliance and created #GetHealthGiveHealth - a program designed to help underserved children gain access to the health services they need to succeed in life. Every time a patient books an appointment with a PlushCare physician, we provide underserved children with access to a vaccination, check up, or whatever health service they need to live a healthy and productive life.
Why We're Here
More than 50% of Americans delay going to the doctor because of the hassle associated with finding the right doctor, scheduling an appointment, and sitting in the waiting room.
Fortunately, 70% of visits can be handled virtually according to the AMA. With PlushCare, our top-trained physicians will diagnose, treat, and prescribed medication all from your phone. Additionally, we provide specialist referrals and lab test orders without the hassle or cost of a primary care appointment.
Our Promise
We're determined to make the healthcare experience more affordable, convenient and enjoyable - one visit at a time.
100% of our doctors are trained at top medical institutions
We provide affordable care to everyone regardless of health insurance or employment status
We offer appointments from your phone that start on time