Asthma is a lung condition which affect millions of adults in the United States. It typically starts in childhood, but symptoms often continue into adulthood. It causes difficulty breathing and wheezing, the symptoms are due to constriction and narrowing of the airways. It can be made worse by allergens, infections, the environment, and even exercise. Fortunately, we have very effective treatment for asthma and a great deal is known about this condition.

Asthma occurs more commonly in boys as compared to girls, but as adults, women more commonly have asthma compared to men. It is often more severe in young people and becomes less severe as people get older. The incidence of asthma in the US is increasing, for unknown reasons. Those with allergies, eczema, environmental exposures are at higher risk.


The symptoms of asthma are primarily related to the lungs: this includes wheezing, chronic cough, and difficulty breathing. Asthma often occurs sporadically, and can be triggered by certain things. Some people have more symptoms when exposed to smoke or allergens, while some people have asthma symptoms when exposed to cool air or exercise.

Diagnosis and Asthma Treatment
Asthma is diagnosed by your physician based on the careful examination of your symptoms and results of various testing. The doctor will often have you perform lung testing, and exclude a number of other conditions before settling on a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is established, astham “attacks” are often diagnosed based on symptoms, or a decrease in measurements of lung function. There are a variety of treatments for asthma, which include both asthma prevention medicines and treatment for active symptoms. Inhalers that contain albuterol are the most common treatment for active symptoms in the US. To prevent asthma attachs, medications like inhaled steroids, longer acting versions of medications similar to albuterol, and other less commonly used medications are given. These incldue comolyn, leukotriene modulators, and even oral steroids in pill form can be used. Some of these medications can be used in active attacks as well. Asthma can be a life threatening condition, so seek emergency care if you are having trouble breathing.
How PlushCare Works
1. Video chat with your PlushCare doctor, and tell them about your asthma symptoms 2. The doctor can make recommendations for your asthma and prescribe needed medicines like inhalers or steroid pills 3. Pick up your prescriptions at your local pharmacy and let us know if you aren't feeling better soon.