Before you travel Before traveling internationally it is always a good idea to speak with your physician to ensure a safe and healthy trip. At PlushCare we can provide such a consultation through a simple phone or video visit.

An evaluation may include questions regarding general health and destination specific considerations. These can include: - Vaccination requirements - Local exotic infections - Heat exhaustion - Altitude sickness - Motion sickness


Travel Medicine Treatment
After taking a careful history your doctor can recommend specific treatments including: - Prescription medications to prevent certain diseases such as malaria - Medications that can be taken to self treat travelers diarrhea - Vaccinations to prevent certain infections - Medications to help with motion sickness
How PlushCare works
1. Tell your PlushCare doctor where you are headed and what concerns you have about travel 2. The doctor can ensure you get all of your vaccines and medication needed to travel, including malaria prophylaxis, Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, and "just-in-case" prescriptions for food poisoning or motion sickness and other issues that might come up along the way. 3. You can pick up your prescriptions or get the prescribed vaccines at a local pharmacy Your doctor also goes with you when you travel - consult your PlushCare doctor from anywhere!